“To Help Visually Challenged Students to be Educationally, Technologically, Psychologically and Socially Enriched so That They Are Better Equipped to Face the Challenges of Life”

Wilson College has a successful vision Centre, Andrews Vision Centre (AVC) established in 2008. Andrews Vision Centre is an initiative of former residents of St. Andrews House, its warden and former in charge principal Dr. Sam Skariah whose aim was to empower visually challenged students. The Centre has successfully provided support to over 120 visually challenged students (since its inception) of Wilson College to effectively cope with their academic and non-academic pursuits. Even on the online, the centre remained active in delivering its services which enabled differently abled students to showcase their talents in the academics and non-academics activities.The Centre is currently supported by STERLING AND WILSON SOLAR LIMITED as a part of their CSR activity. In 2009, AVC was registered with the National Association for Blind. Currently the Centre supports 31 visually challenged students of Wilson College and 1 from Kirti College, Dadar. Additionally AVC is also supporting 4 students with Learning Disability, 1 Locomotor Disability, 1 Autism, 1 Mental Disability.

Vision and Mission:
 To Help Visually Challenged Students to be Educationally, Technologically, Psychologically and Socially Enriched so That They Are Better Equipped to Face the Challenges of Life, as well as help students with other disabilities in their academic endeavours

Enhancing academic, social, and other opportunities for persons with disabilities. To assist in building inclusive academic and administrative systems on Wilson college campus.

Activities:: :
USER FRIENDLY SUPPORT The Centre is equipped with different assistive technologies designed specifically to cater to the need of visually challenged students of Wilson College. It houses 5 internet enabled terminals with appropriate navigation, reading, magnification, conversion software’s and printing and scanning facilities. The Centre continues to conduct various training programmes aimed at life skill development and computer proficiency.

VOLUNTEER SUPPORT A strong and committed volunteer group to provide assistance as readers, scribes, friends and mentors.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT With the help of college management and well-wishers currently the Centre provides support to needy students for education and accommodation facilities. The centre helps facilitate process of scholarships provided by HELP THE BLIND FOUNDATION.

SENSITIZATION ACTIVITIES THIRD EYE PROGRAMME The ‘Third Eye’ (an initiative of visually challenged students of the college) is a unique festival of St Andrews Vision Centre to spread awareness about the talents as well as difficulties faced by visually challenged people. It is the most awaited and successful event of the Centre hosted since 2011.The visually challenged students display their skills through workshops and exhibitions organized by them. The cultural programme includes “The Walk” where the participants are expected to cross a maze of obstacles, identify currency notes and vegetables in the dark room while they are blindfolded. The festival showcased Mallakhamb performance by AVC members, sighted participants were challenged for game of chess, display of artistic skills, origami, Abacus and Vedic Mathematics contributed to the success of the programme.

UNFOLD THE SKILLS OF EACH STUDENTS We are supportive of sports and other cultural activities. Apart from academics, we promote student to show their skills and abilities to the non-academic activities also. Our multi instrumentalists and multi-talented young singers makes our college events more attractive. Our centre has one ‘Instrumental keyboard’ and one ‘Tabla’ to practice their off time and participate in multiple events. In sports, we are promoting and providing facilities for football, cricket, chess and other indoor and outdoor sports activities. It helps students to improve their mental and physical health.

SPECIAL ONLINE TRAINING SESSIONS In this pandemic situation, the greatest challenge is to be online. We have initiated new project to introduce relevant online platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Google classrooms, Gmail, and other needful platforms that benefits in academics and non-academics.

CERTIFICATE COURSE ON DISABILITY STUDIES Andrews Vision Centre initiated a unique certificate course on Disability Studies to create an informed society. The course aims to introduce participants to an examination of disability as a social, cultural and a political phenomenon. The course is a 35 hours programme with field work and is open to both Wilsonians and non Wilsonians.

List of present AVC Committee members

  • Dr. Biraj Mehta Rathi
  • Dr. Jamson Masih,
  • Committee member
  • Dr. Ashish Uzgare
  • Mr. B.M. Konde
  • Ms. Manisha Tribhuvan
  • Ms. Suhasini Kate
  • Ms. Pinki Gala
  • Ms. Anushka Damani
  • Dr. Ananya Bar
  • Ms. Kshama Jayaraj
  • Ms. Neha Elizabeth
  • Ms.Payal Bhattad
  • Ms. Aishwaria Vaibhav
  • representative
  • Ms. Shravani Pawar Member
  • Ms. Ansa Antony Volunteer
  • AVC Coordinator
  • Ms. Michelle Furtado



Description: The canteen was painted and refurbished in 2017. It has a good infrastructure and the menu is economically viable. There is an atmosphere of camaraderie in the canteen as students & staffs break bread there.

Canteen timings:6:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Agenda – To endeavour to provide wholesome & nutritious food to all the stakeholders of the institution.
To make the food items economically viable.
To reduce health-risk factors by fostering healthy food habits.

Activities- Quality Control Activity- student interviews were conducted by Committee members to get feedback on food & facilities provided by the canteen Meetings were held where the committee members interacted with the canteen contractor, Mr. Umesh Shetty. He was informed about the positives of the canteen as well as the lacunae. He agreed to work on the areas that called for improvement.



For Teaching:
ELISA Reader (Thermo Make), Laminar Air Flow & Biosafety Cabinet (Imset), Microscopes (KG 5 Micron with oil immersion lens),Weighing balances (Contech Model CA 223 digital sensitivity 0.0001 gm)), Micropipettes (Bioera), Power Packs (Bioera),Electrophoresis Unit (Bioera), Ice making machine ( Blue Star Model SL-90), Rotary evaporator (Superfit Make Model PB 018) Mini rotary shaker, Dual Transilluminator (Bioera), Cold Centrifuge ( Remi Model CM 8 plus).

For Networking:
18 Computers : 15 desktops and 3 Laptops ( HP Pavilion), 04 Printers ( HP 2B LJ 1020 Plus),01 LCD Projector (Dell 1220), 02 UPS (APC 1KVA)

For E-Learning room
01 e-podium (ITC Lecturn Model no. 6236B),03 Cybernetics Eyries Interactive (Model 8090 UST)

For Research
AAS (Agilent Model 55B),Quaternary HPLC (7002 Jasco 014A / Fluorescence detector
Air Sampler (Personal Air Sampler with Pump form Swan Environmental Pvt. Ltd.

Facility Established
Centralised Instrument Laboratory which houses advance instruments like AAS, HPLC,GCMS, Air Sampler, Laminar Air Flow.
Computer Laboratory with Internet Facility.
To avail the instrumentation facility kindly communicate with the coordinator.


CONTACT NO: 022 2364 9468
Warden: Dr. Ashish Uzgare (For Boys).
Asst Warden: Dr. Jamson Masih


  • The Wilson College is one of the earliest educational institutions to have a library from its very inception in 1832
  • Our Library has an impressive collection of books and journals going back to the 18th century
  • Digitization of old records and of old books has been taken up
  • Our collection has books covering a wide spectrum of subjects
  • The library has a spacious reading area.
  • The library has taken annual membership of N-LIST for accessing E-resources.
  • The Library has subscribed the first E-Magazine “The Economist”
  • A compilation of E-Books is available.
  • SLIM 21 - A software system for Library Information Management has been installed,enabling quick search & quick details of books on mobile.
  • Parasika Project - The library is associated with the prestigious Parasika Project which, under the aegis of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, is in process of preparing an annotated catalog of books available on Zoroastrianism and the Parsee community, across various libraries in Mumbai.
  • The library is having a college magazine “The Wilsonian” from 1908 to the present year.
  • The library timings are from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Library activities - 15th Oct is celebrated every year as “Vachan Prerana Divas” to mark the ‘Birth Anniversary’ of our India’s former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The Library organizes competitions like Photography, Book Mark Marking, Quiz & Book Cover Making, Book Display exhibition etc. for the students to enhance their interest in books and reading.
  • The library has micro films of old Gujarati Books.


Wilson College Gymkhana was inaugarated on 17th March, 1910 by Sir John Muir-Mckenzie.

A pavilion was added to the Gymkhana in the year 1916 as a generous grant was received from Sir Shapurji Barucha and it was inaugarated by Lord & Lady Wellingdon.

The college gymkhana provides its students the various infrastructure to train for the Inter-Collegiate tournaments and encourages the students to enjoy campus games. The infrastructure is available for sports like Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom, Badminton, Cricket, Boxing, Box-Cricket, Rink Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, etc.

Wilson College have produced many outstanding medal winner sportsmen at the Inter-College, State, National and All India Inter-University. We have history of producing International players in Cricket, Yachting and Boxing.


Wilson College has a lady’s hostel facility known as “Pandita Ramabai Ladies Hostel”.

The warden is Mrs. Kshama T Jayaraj.

The hostel can be your home away from home while you study at Wilson College! Ithas a fun-loving environment and can facilitate 55 students, with an occupancy of 3 girls per room.

Moreover, we conduct various activities throughout the year, namely a few are as follows:

  • Freshers welcome
  • Talent evening
  • Hostel trip
  • Hostel movie
  • Dinner
  • Sports activities
  • Literary activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Seminars
  • Alumni visits


List of Instruments available in Microbiology department from UGC, DST and other departmental funds.

UV Spectrophotometer- It is used to check absorbance of unknown solutions

Centrifuge- This instrument helps in separating particulate matter from solution

Rotary Shaker- Helps in providing aeration conditions for aerobic organisms

PCR Machine- Used for DNA amplification

Fermenter- Used for up scaling of microbial by-products

Gel Rocker- Used for staining and destaining of the gel


Rotary Evaporator- Concentrates the product

pH Meter- used to check the pH of any solution

Gel Doc- enables visualization and documentation of DNA/RNA gel

Microfuge- used for mixing small volumes
Reciprocating Shaker
UV Transilluminator- Used for observation of DNA/RNA gel
Vortex Mixer- used for mixing