Physics Department

Physics Department

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Prominent Alumni:

Important Highlights of activities in last five years

  • Dr Kapil Bhatt is granted an Indian patent.
  • Department members have published 10 research papers in National and International reputed journals.
  • “Summer School in Physics” was organised from 11th April to 23rd April 2016 in collaboration with Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Mumbai Sub-region.
  • Department organised a two-day seminar on “Frontiers of Experimental Physics” under IQAC’s “Expanding Intellectual Horizons” programme on 9th and 10th February 2016.

Notable Alumni:

  • Dr. Naseem Rangwala (1999-2000) Project Scientist, NASA-SOFIA observatory
  • Dhiren Talpade (2002-2003), Entrepreneur, Jumpstart Outdoors
  • Nelson Yumnam (2005-2006), Major, Indian Army
  • Raghumani Singh (2007-2008), Scientific Officer D, NPCIL, Kakrapar
  • Dr. Amiel Lopes (2007-2008), Optics Scientist
  • Franklin D’Mello (2007-2008), Major, Indian Army (artillery)
  • Babu Gonde (2009-2010), Scientific Officer D, B.A.R.C., Mumbai
  • Nitin Tiwari (2011-2012), Sr. Product Engineer, Fiber Optic Services
  • Deepak Kumar (2014-2015), Entrepreneur, MD, Trazoo
  • Activites:

  • Intra-college festival Event Horizon is organised every year.
  • Certificate Course in Astronomy: Course of 12 lecture sessions on Saturdays spread over July to December. Well known Professional and amateur astronomers working in the field conduct sessions.
  • Department conducts outreach programmes with schools in the locality.
  • Department in collaboration with Economics Department runs a Course in Quantitative Analysis for Social Sciences.
  • A workshop on robotics – Android Botix was organised on 30th and 31st August 2016.
  • A workshop “Internet of Things” and a talk on Internet Security were organised on 6th December 2016.
  • Department regularly conducts 3 to 5 days Workshop in problem solving for Advanced learners.
  • Shekhar Deodhar

    Head of the Department

    Qualifications: Associate Professor
    Short Biography:

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Kapil Bhatt

    Qualifications: M.Sc., Ph. D.
    Research Interest: Materials Science; magnetic materials.
    Short Biography: -

    Assistant Professor

    Mahesh Shetti

    Qualifications: M.Sc. (Physics), NET
    Research Interest: Materials Science; magnetic materials
    Short Biography: Coordinator for Astronomy Course, Resource person for various astronomy courses conducted by Centre of Extra-Mural Studies (Mumbai University)
    Science outreach – Conduct popular-level lectures at various colleges and schools, in teachers’ workshops.
    Life member: Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Indian Physics Association, Asiatic Society, Mumbai

    Assistant Professor

    Michael D'Souza

    Qualifications: M.Sc.(SET).
    Research Interest: Teaching of Physics at Undergraduate and Graduate level. Problem solving in STEM.
    Short Biography: -

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Udaykumar Vitthalrao Patil

    Qualifications: Assistant Professor.
    M.Sc., PET, Ph.D.
    Research Interest: Gas Sensing
    Short Biography: 06 Papers Published in international journals+2 AIP conference Proceedings. 4 International conferences.
    3 Refresher and 1 Orientation Course.
    Oral presentation at Mumbai University workshop.
    Two (60th DAE SSPS, Amity University, Noida and ISPTS-2, Pune.
    Involved in various college activities for students such as Industrial visits, educational camps, arranging exhibition, Seminar, mentor-ship.
    Worked as Judge for ‘Inter-School Science and Project Competitions.

    Associate Professor