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At Wilson College Dept. of Philosophy, we offer Logic as one of the optional papers which enable the students to develop analytic and logical thinking which will make them more proficient in whichever job profile they might have to handle in future. We also teach subjects like Philosophy of Religion and Living Ethical Issues which will help students deal with their lives with more clarity.

The department organises various activities round the year that keep students involved with the subject. There are debates. Discussions, film screening etc. constantly happening in the class. Many guest lectures are organised that give good exposure to the students.

Seminars, guest lectures, field Visits, etc. are the integral part of departmental activities which are conducted in collaboration sometimes with other departments and sometimes with various organisations working in fields relevant to the subjects that they study.


Dr. Harsha Badkar


Teaching Career : June 1985
Qualifications:   B.A, M.A and M.Phil in Philosophy, Doctorate in Gandhian Philosophy.
Research Interest: Gandhian Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Social and Political Philosophy.
Short Biography: Presented Papers at various national and international conferences and seminars.
Was one of the Secretaries of The Bombay Philosophical Society Invited as the resource person for the lecture series on Inter-religious Dialogue. Have contributed a chapter on Hinduism in the book edited by Dr. Zeenat Ali on ‘The Legacy of India’.
Published an article on ‘Concept of Universal Religion in Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi’ in an International Journal by Annals of the University of Craiova- Philosophy series.
Actively participated in the activities of the organization involved with the removal of superstitions.
Currently, the member of the Board of Studies of Wilson College, the convener of attendance committee and the appellate officer under RTI. Last 33 years, tried my level best to give my full self to all the duties that I have been assigned by the authority.
Moreover, I enjoy the company of my students and try to motivate them to do their best both in their exams as well as life in general.

Associate Professor

Dr. Biraj Mehta Rathi

Teaching Career :   June 2016
Qualifications:   PH.D (Philosophy, University of Mumbai), M.PHIL (Philosophy, University of Mumbai), M.A. (Philosophy, University of Mumbai), B.A. (Philosophy, University of Mumbai.
Research Interest: Greek Philosophy, Socio Political Philosophy, Contemporary Western Philosophy (Continental philosophy), Aesthetics, Theories of Human Rights.
Short Biography: Students are encouraged to think critically on progressive explorations that mark the turn of an area in education; one that seeks to reach out to various possibilities of existence.
The course attempts to integrate philosophy with day to day existence and thereby not only promoting the subject but also enhancing the scope and relevance of the subject matter that make our daily lives.
The aim of the classroom discussions is to ensure that students learn to appreciate and develop a genuine and critical understanding of key issues in philosophy and also begin to respect the Indian culture and democracy that is indeed very rich.

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Rashna Patel

Teaching Career : June 1989
Qualifications:   M.PHIL (Psychology, University of Mumbai), M.A. (Psychology, University of Mumbai), B.A. (Psychology and Sanskrit, University of Mumbai)
Research Interest: Clinical Psychology.
Short Biography: Basic Psychological concepts are introduced in different papers of psychology in the first year and second year level.
Students are encouraged to ask questions and raise issues for discussion to generate interest in the subject.
At times, syllabus related films and videos are screened. Field visits are also organized to nearby institutions like Sadhana on Sophia College Campus to enable a better understanding of the subject.

Assistant Professor