Psychology Department

Psychology Department

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The Psychology department of Wilson college offers 6 papers in psychology at TY level under the curriculum of Mumbai University. The Psychology lab facilitates learning of cognitive constructs and basics of research. Equal emphasis is given on theory as well as application in order to build competent, holistic and upright professionals.


Ms. Anushka Damani

Incharge Of Psychology

Teaching Career : June 1985
Qualifications:UGC NET Qualified, M.A. in Counselling Psychology (SNDT University, Churchgate), B.A. in Psychology (Mumbai University)
Research Interests: Positive Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships

Short Biography:
I believe in holistic teaching-learning wherein learners are encouraged to strive for academic excellence alongside catering to their personal growth and development. My approach is learner-centric and the various ICT tools serve as good aids. I ensure to provide a conducive environment which propagates interactions and applied learning by using various exercises, role plays, demonstrations and open discussions.

Assistant Professor

Ms. Hasti Mehta

Teaching Career :   June 1985
Qualifications: MSc. in Clinical Psychology (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education), B.A. in Psychology (Mithibai College, Mumbai)

Research Interests:Social Media and Mental Health; Stress, Anxiety and Depression in adolescents; Social processes in psychopathology

Short Biography:
As a lifelong enthusiast of psychology, I  have been passionately working towards demystifying myths and spreading awareness about the importance of mental health. I strive to create an environment of safety and sensitivity for the students by enabling day to day classroom discussions via interactive teaching. As a professor, my goal has been to develop and promote creativity and high-order thinking skills that increase the performance of the students..

Assistant Professor

Ms. Jeffrin Stephen

Research Interests:Creative arts and psychotherapy, Mental and spiritual well-being 

Short Biography:
A recent postgraduate from Amity University, passionate about teaching and contributing towards the field of mental health. I aim to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and insightful to students increasing their self-awareness to become better professionals in the future. I enjoy working with students and highly encourage them to be creative, contributing to their overall well-being and development.

Assistant Professor

Ms. Nidhi Bhandari

Qualifications:SET Qualified, MA in Counselling Psychology (MMP Shah College, SNDT University), BA in Psychology (Mumbai University)
Research Interests:Children and Adolescents, Special needs population, Positive Psychology constructs, Family Dynamics, Attachment styles and Love languages.
Short Biography: I believe in not just imparting knowledge to the students but also in awakening their interest in the subject. Bringing creativity and innovation to the class helps me bridge the gap between textbook information and its real-world application. I’m always trying to see the potential in my students and encouraging them to move beyond self-imposed limitations.

Assistant Professor