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Chemistry Department

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To equip the learners with sound theoretical knowledge aligning with the expected global competency in the subject and develop expertise in experimental skills.

To motivate the students, to pursue higher education and research by highlighting the role chemistry plays in dealing with the environmental, societal and economic issues and exploiting the interdisciplinary scope of chemistry by inculcating problem solving approach in tackling the issues or task at hand by being a life long learner..

Department of Chemistry:-
The Chemistry Department of Wilson College was established in 1887, which is the oldest Science Department in the University of Mumbai. The first batch of Chemistry graduates passed out from Wilson College in 1887 and the first ever M.Sc. thesis was submitted by the department in 1917 in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr. A. R. Normand (Head during1902-1933) pioneered Physical Chemistry research at Mumbai University. In the 70’s Prof James C Barton pioneered Semi Micro Inorganic Qualitative Analysis at Mumbai University and all its affiliated colleges-indeed a great innovation in Experimental Chemistry.
The Chemistry Department has very well equipped laboratories and library and has a large enrolment of students at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The highly qualified faculty memebers are actively involved in the post graduate teaching programme of University of Mumbai and serves as resource persons for the National level competitive examination workshops. The Department offers M.Sc. in all branches of Chemistry and PhD. During the programme many students complete laboratory projects related to Physical, Inorganic, Organic, Analytical Chemistry and allied fields. The quality research work performed by students is presented and published in reputed national and international journals. On completion of their Post graduate studies, some students appear for GATE /SET /CSIR- UGC-NET competitive exams ,and also apply for Ph.D programme in India and abroad, others avail placement opportunities in academic institutes, research centers, Quality assurance and regulatory affairs department of chemical and pharmaceutical industries , environment based companies etc
The Department has always been an active centre of research and has to its credit a good number of papers in prestigious National and International journals of reputes, including Nature, Transactions of the Chemical Society, Analytical Chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Chemosphere, Journal of Hazardous materials, Green Chemistry, Journal of Colloids and interferences science, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Molecular Catalysis, Indian Journal of Chemistry, Rasayan Journal of Chemistry to name a few. Some of the current areas of research are Kinetic studies of Organic reactions, Catalysis, Photocatalysis for enviornmental remediation and susitanable hydrogen energy generation, Adsorption of water pollutants, Environmental Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Apart from this, faculty members are actively engaged as Reviwers. As a results, the Department has received many research grants from UGC, New Delhi and other Government funding agencies.


Dr. Harichandra Parbat

Designation :- Head Department of Chemistry & Associate Professor

Teaching Career :   Since July 2004
Qualifications:Ph.D, Chemistry (2011), SET Chemistry(2006), M.Sc. Physical Chemistry (2004), B.Sc. Chemistry (2002).

Research Interest: Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis, Material Science, Photocatalysis, Nanomaterials, Nano composite and Quantum Chemistry.
Short Biography:An Alumnus of University of Pune and Shivaji University Kolhapur having more than 18 years of teaching experience at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level.
Research Guide:- Four students admitted for Ph.D. in Chemistry.
Other responsibilities:- NIRF ranking Co-ordinator, RUSA Convenor, NSS Programme Officer(July-2017 to July- 2022). Recognised as Post Graduate Teacher of University of Mumbai (by papers) in Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and recognised Guide for Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Mumbai. Chairperson, Board of Studies in Chemistry, Wilson College (Autonomous), Mumbai, Avishkars Acheivers Award 2022 for 'National Dynamic Teacher Award' for his hard work, dedication and diligence in the field of Education and two Best Paper Presentation awards at conferences held in India and abroad. Reference book on Essence of Chemical Kinetics,Resource person at National Conferences (02), International Conferences (02), International Conferences Referee (03). CSIR-NET-SLET-GATE Workshops at state level (25), National level (05) and M.Sc. Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Guidance lecture on MPSC and UPSC examination. Member of Editorial Board of “Global Research Journal in Chemistry”, Olympiad Chemistry committee member and Syllabus, Subject expert Assistant professor interview panel, Mumbai University Syllabus Committee member F.Y.B.Sc, T.Y.B.Sc., M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, Mumbai University, Co-author in text book Physical Chemistry. Principal Investigator for 2 University level minor research projects and Co-Investigator for one UGC minor research project, Research paper publications-23 and text books-13. Life Member of Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT).

Associate Professor

Dr. Sanjay Devrav Mhaske

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : August 2004
Qualifications: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., SET, NET, M.A., MBA, LL.B

Research Interest: Carbon Nanotube Chemistry, Organic Synthesis. Short Biography:Subjects Taught: P.G & U.G Level: Organic Chemistry. Recognised PG Teacher in Organic Chemistry.
Short Biography:Subjects Taught: P.G & U.G Level: Organic Chemistry.
Recognised PG Teacher in Organic Chemistry.
Life Member of Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ashish S. Uzgare

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : Since JULY 1995
Qualifications: Ph.D.,M.Phil.,S.E.T., D.C M., M.Sc.(Biochemistry), B.Sc.(Chemistry)..

Research Interest: Protein Chemistry.
Short Biography: An Alumnus of University of Pune having more than 25 years of teaching experience at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level.
Designation: Assistant Professor (Stage 3)
Other information:
Additional Charge: Warden Mackichan Hall Boys Hostel: 2013 till date
Dean Of Students: 2010 – 2015
Treasurer of Wilson College: 2013-2016
Vice Principal: 2016- 2022
Co-ordinator DST-FIST Program (DST FIST LAB houses equipment like AAS, GCMS, HPLC, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Computer lab with internet,etc.).
Former DST FIST Coordinator (2006-2008)P G School for biological studies, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar. Recognized as Post Graduate Teacher of University of Mumbai.(by papers and by research) in Biochemistry and recognised Guide for Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of Mumbai.
Member of ACT and FICCE. Served as Resource person for Conferences, Workshop, Seminars, Chaired Technical Sessions at Conferences and have been invited as guest lecturer on regular basis. Co-author for 2 Text books Published for TYBSc Organic Chemistry. Published 04 Research Papers. Attended more than 35 Conferences both National & International.
Awards: Received best oral presentation awards at International conference in Thailand (2011) and in Bangalore (2018). Principal Investigator for 3 minor research projects and Co-Investigator in one major research project. Current Research Topic: Characterization of antimicrobial compounds.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jamson Masih

Designation :- Associate Professor
Teaching Career : 2011
Qualifications: M.Sc Ph.D, FICS,FICC

Research Interest:--Environmental & Analytical Chemsitry
Short Autobiography: Dr. Jamson Masih has earned a doctorate in Chemistry on Indoor/Outdoor air Pollution in different microenvironments of domestic Homes from St. Johns College, Agra India. He has also been a Dr. D.S. Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellow in the year 2010-2011 at the School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi, India. Dr. Masih is working on indoor and outdoor air pollution studies, namely indoor/outdoor air pollutants emission source characterization and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Indian Cities. At present he is supervising two Research projects funded by University Grant Commission (UGC) New Delhi and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, India. Awards and Recognition: CSIR-SRF (2010), DST SRF (2009), DST JRF (2007-2009), Best Thesis awards AEACI, BARC, 2011 . Total No. Publications: 30.

Associate Professor

Dr. Hina Sheikh

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : 2012
Qualifications: Ph.D, Chemistry (2016), SET Chemistry (2014), CSIR-NET Chemistry (2014), GATE Chemistry (2013) PET Chemistry (2013) M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (2012), B.Sc. Chemistry (2010).

Research Interest: Biochemistry.
Short Biography:An Alumnus of Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai.
Additional charge: Wilson College, Mentor Committee.
Other information:

Received Best paper presentation award at international conference at Kalsekar college, Thane district.
Resource person for NET/Set lectures at patkar college.
Member of Association of Chemistry teachers. Visiting faculty in NMIMS for Msc Chemistry.
Published 5 research papers in international journals

Assistant Professor

Dr.Kailas Shinde

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : July, 2015
Qualifications: Ph.D. (Chemistry, 2022), CSIR-NET (June-2012), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry, 2010), B.Sc. (Chemistry, 2008)..

Research Interest: Research focus on design, synthesis and biological studies of novel heterocyclic compounds
Short Biography:Dr. Kailas Shinde completed his Ph.D. from University of Mumbai in the area of synthesis and biological studies of heterocyclic compounds. He worked as Research Scientist in R & D Department in Nycomed-Takeda Pharmaceutical company for 2 years (2010-2012) and later, as Assistant Professor in Chemistry in Viva College for 2 years (2013-2015). He has published 5 research articles and presented 7 research papers in National/International conferences.
Principal Investigator for 1 minor research project of Mumbai University.
Served as a Resource person in various CSIR-NET-SET-GATE Workshops.
Visiting faculty for M.Sc. (Organic chemistry) at NMIMS and Viva college.
Convenor of Rotaract Club of Wilson College from 2018.
Member of Association of Chemistry Teachers.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anand Burange

Designation :- Assistant Professor

Teaching Career : 1ST FEBRUARY, 2016
Qualifications: M.Sc., Ph.D, CSIR-NET (June 2009), CSIR-NET (Dec-2009), GATE (Feb- 2009), Awarded CSIR-Research Associateship, CSIR-Nehru postdoctoral fellow at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.

Subjects taught: Organic and inorganic chemistry for undergraduate students, organic for postgraduate students
Research Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, surface science and nanocatalysis
Short Biography:Dr. Anand S. Burange completed his Ph.D. from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in the area of heterogeneous catalysis. After Ph.D. he worked as Assistant Manager, Research & Development at Johnson Matthey Catalyst. After industrial experience, he joined CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune as a Research Associate and later served as CSIR-Nehru postdoctoral fellow. In 2015 he was awarded with CSIR-RA and CSIR-Nehru Postdoctoral awards conferred by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) India. He is also a recipient of Dr. P. Deshmukh Memorial Medal for meritorious achievement and Eklavya Scholarship during undergraduate and postgraduate studies respectively. He served as a visiting faculty at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, University of Mumbai and at Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai. He has published over 25 research articles and four book chapters in international journals of repute. He has also authored a book entitled ‘Heterogeneous Catalysis’ published by American Chemical Society as a part of ACS in Focus series. He is a reviewer for various journals of international repute. He is a life member of Society for Material Chemistry (SMC); Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT)and NSEC Board Member for 2016-17 and 2017-18. He is a recognized post graduate teacher of University of Mumbai (in Organic Chemistry by papers). He is also a programme officer for National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit, Wilson College, Mumbai.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Thomson A. Fernandes

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : 1ST FEBRUARY 2016
Qualifications:M.Sc., GATE, CSIR-NET, Ph.D

Research Interest: Metal recovery from metallic and non-metallic solid wastes by hydrometallurgical methods.
Subject taught : Physical chemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Short Biography:Dr. Thomson A. Fernandes completed secondary school (SSC) in 2004 from Matunga Lions Pioneer English School, Matunga and Higher secondary school (HSC) in 2006 from Guru Nanak Higher Secondary School, Sion. Graduated (B.Sc. in chemistry in 2009) from D.G. Ruparel College.Completed Post Graduate Degree in Physical Chemistry in (2011) from Hazariamal Somani Bhavan’s College, affiliated to Mumbai University. He joined Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai as a Ph.D. student under the guidance of Prof. R. V. Jayaram and worked in the field of metal recovery from metallic and non-metallic solid wastes by hydrometallurgical methods. He is a recognized post graduate teacher of University of Mumbai (in physical chemistry by papers). He has been appointed as the convener of MuktAngan Committee and also the member of Discipline, ICC(Internal Complaint Committee), Student Support and Welfare Committee of Wilson College.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Abhijit N. Kadam

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : 2017
Qualifications: M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry (2011), Ph.D. in Chemistry (2015), Post. Doc in Material science (2016).

Research Interest: His recent research interests include the development of core shell nanocomposites, biogenic nanoparticle synthesis, waste to value added nanostructures, metal nanostructures, and 2D materials for a variety of applications such as photocatalysis, water splitting, advanced batteries, supercapacitors, and electrochemical sensors..
Short Biography:Dr. Abhijit N. Kadam received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 2015. Later, he joined as a BK21 Postdoctoral Fellow (2016) in the Department of Electronics Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea. After completing his postdoctoral study, he served as assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, at Gachon University, Republic of Korea from 2017 to 2022. In the year of 2021, he got a research fund (About 60 lakh Rupees) for a major research project from National Research Foundation, Korean government. He has published more than 69 research articles in international journals with 2228 citations (h index 25 and I 10 index 38). Besides he has published three book chapters and one patent. He is reviewer of about 25 international journals and serving topic Editor of international Journal of Molecular Sciences (Impact factor 5.9). He has delivered various invited talks in international conferences. According to a survey conducted by Stanford University scientists, he has been listed as the top 2% most influential scientist in the world for the year of 2020. Since the last two years he has been recognized as an AD scientific index acknowledged scientist in the world.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Sachin Gupta

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : August 2018
Qualifications:SET (Jan 2018), M.Sc (Analytical Chemistry, 2017), B.Sc (Chemistry,2015)

Short Biography:Currently pursuing Ph.D. (Chemistry) under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Prof.Anna Pratima Nikalje at Wilson College, Chowpatty. Was visiting faculty for M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) at the Department of Chemistry, University of Mumbai, Kalina campus and Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shilpa Deorukhakar

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career: 9 years Since 2010
Qualifications:PhD-Inorganic chemistry(2004), MSc(1995) , PG diploma in Museology and conservation(2017)

Short Biography:Inorganic, analytical, physical, organic chemistry for PG students. Applied chemistry, environment science, business communication and ethics for engineering students (MPCOE 2013-2019). PhD (2004) from National Institute of Oceanography Mumbai with the topic of ‘Arsenic in the marine coastal environment of India’. Work in industry for EIA projects and as a research project emphasized on nanotechnology for degradation of industrial waste with nanoTiO2. Also work as Sr. Scientist in CSMVS museum conservation lab, resource person for scientific technical study in conservation conference and training course. Work in the capacity of incharge principal for MPCOE, Velneshwar , (AUG2013-APR2017)work for different committees such as Vishakha, IQAC, Research , cultural. Coordinator for youth festival for north Ratnagiri (2019). Also work as member of Local inquiry committees for the affiliation section of Mumbai University. Presented and participated for paper presentation (04). Book chapter (1).

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aniket Kundu

Designation :- Assistant Professor
Teaching Career : Since 2015 onwards
Qualifications:Ph.D. (Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry) (2015); M.Sc. Chemistry, (2008), B. Sc. Chemistry Hons. (2006), Perusing Post doctorate at IIT Mumbai .

Research Interest: Gas phase hydrogen bonding, Non-Conventional Hydrogen, Bonding, Computational Chemistry, Spectroscopy of molecules in the gas phase. Short Biography:An Alumnus of IIT Bombay (Ph.D.) and RTM Nagpur University (M.Sc.) Dr. Aniket Kundu has more than 8 years of teaching experience and 6 years of research experience. He has 8 international & 2 national articles to his credit.

Visiting faculty

Dr. Sakina Z. Bootwala

Designation :- Adjunct Professor
Teaching Career : JULY 1985
Qualifications: M.Sc, Ph.D, DHE, SET.

Research Interest: Coordination chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry
Short Biography:1.Received “Best Professor Award” by RULA INTERNATIONAL’18 on 15th August, 2018 “International Journal for Research Under Literal Acess” Accredited with, “Idamas Learning and Training Center (Malaysia)”
2.Received “Best Woman chemistry Teacher Award” by Association of Chemistry Teachers NCCT-Oct 25-27,2018
3.Member Of Board of Studies in University Of Mumbai in 2018
4.Convener of Syllabus Committee member 2017-18
5. Member of syllabus committee in FYBSc, SYBSc, TYBSc & M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry, at Mumbai University.
6.Served as Resource person for Conferences, Workshop, Seminars and Chaired the International conference .
7.Principal Investigator for University level minor research projects and one UGC minor research project.
8.Co-author in 12 text book Inorganic Chemistry for FY,SY and TYBSc
9.Book on “Advanced Practicals In Inorganic Chemistry”for post graduate students is published in 2019 .
10.Total number of research paper published in International Journals= 22

Adjunct Professor