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BFM Department

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BFM Department

Brief Introduction about the Subject and its Significance.
Wilson College is an autonomous college which assists BFM department to offer various course which begins with the very basics and the core of finance, such as Financial Markets, Securities Law and Derivatives. It eventually goes into highly advanced, specialized fields of study like Technical Analysis, Commodity Markets, Financial Technology and others. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking abilities and data-driven decision-making skills to navigate the complexities of financial markets successfully. There are number of subjects in this programme which are related to financial market such as Commodity market, Equity Market, Debt Market, Money Market, etc which helps students to gain knowledge in the area of financial market.
To empower future financial leaders with comprehensive knowledge, critical thinking, and ethical values to navigate global financial markets. Mission:
To provide a dynamic and cutting-edge Bachelor of Financial Markets program that equips students with practical skills, analytical acumen, and a deep understanding of financial systems, fostering their ability to make strategic decisions and contribute positively to the evolving landscape of financial markets.
About BFM:
Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM) is a programme which started in our college in the current academic year that is 2023 – 2024. The Bachelor of Financial Markets is an undergraduate academic program designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills related to financial markets and their various components.
BFM is a programme which gives an insight into the various aspects of the financial market which includes understanding finance and money, investments, risks, economics, mutual funds, portfolio management, share trading, etc. This degree assist students to advance their knowledge in the field of financial market. Practical experiences, internships, and real-world projects are often integrated into the curriculum to enhance students' employability and readiness for the finance industry.

Career Options for Students:
a.Research Analyst
b.Dealer / Bolt Operator in any leading Broking firm.
c.Technical analyst
d.Insurance consultant
e.Portfolio manager

Higher Studies
Certified Financial Planning, etc.
MBA in Finance

Department Email Address

Ms. Vandana Daki

Qualifications: NET, SET, M.Com, B.Com

Ms. Vandana daki is faculty of the BMS Department. She has published a paper in National conference. Her goal is to create academically engaging learning experiences through an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and kindness. Her specialization is Finance & Marketing subjects. Research Interest: Strategic management, Marketing, Commerce, Digitalization, etc

In-charge , Assistant Professor

Mr. Siddharth Pasi

Qualifications: (Accountancy) & NET (Commerce)

Mr. Siddharth Pasi completed his post-graduation from NSS College of Commerce & Economics and he has cleared NET exam in the year 2016. He has written few books as an author as well as co-author. He has written number of research paper which got published nationally & internationally. His specialization is Accountancy. Research Interest:- Accounting & Marketing

Assistant Professor